I provide certified and non-certified translations in the following fields:

  • law and legal documents

    (including but not limited to: contracts and agreements, memoranda and articles of association, official documents, certificates, diplomas);

  • medicine

    (including but not limited to: medical history, diagnostic tests, clinical studies, MSDS, doctor’s expertise);

  • energy and power supply

    (including but not limited to: technical specifications of overhead contact lines, power supply lines, construction of power plants, renewable energy resources);

  • construction

    (including but not limited to: scope and specification of works, construction documents, appraisals, guidelines).

I have also gained some experience within the field of military and hydrogeological documents as well as patent applications.

Being a sworn interpreter, I further offer oral translations, mostly interpreting notarial deeds. I valuate and assess each and every order individually, depending on the text difficulty, text specialization and the deadline expected by the Client. I will prepare such a valuation within an hour from the receipt of an enquiry, free of charge.